TTT is a digital media consultancy which has been
delivering client solutions for 15 years. 

TTT's key areas of expertise are:

  • Combining blue-chip fmcg marketing skills with a healthy dose of real-world experience to provide a fresh approach to problems or planning
  • Understanding the abilities of technology to deliver marketing objectives
  • Designing customer-focused solutions which do not burden either client or customer with the need to understand how the technology works

TTT's not-so-secret weapon is: "Using Plain English".
No technobabble. No marketing-speak.

For Clients
For clients, TTT provides a flexible resource to analyse, assemble or feed back on plans to attack real-world marketing problems, from day-to-day trading to long-term strategic planning. This includes the ability to advise on when and how technology may be brought to bear on a problem, although, obviously, a "technological" solution is not always required.

For Agencies
For PR, Marketing, and Advertising agencies who need to display skills in the digital arena quickly and flexibly, TTT supplies on-tap expertise. TTT acts on an agency's behalf, advising, preparing proposals or reports, and attending client meetings where necessary, appearing as part of the agency's team, but bringing the technical and marketing expertise needed to fully exploit the opportunities of today's digital markets.

For Everyone
Once plans are agreed, TTT has the ability to manage their implementation. This is especially necessary where a internal marketing resource may not understand the "ins and outs" of the technology, or where an internal IT resource may not understand what the marketing plan is trying to achieve.

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